Scenes from the Cemetery first premiered on September 17, 2016.

Cast and Characters

Samuel Pedlar (1833-1910): Author and historian, wrote unpublished manuscript today known as the Pedlar Papers— Rick Kerr

George Gurley (1831-1909): Member of the first iteration of the Ontario Regiment in 1866, Oshawa’s first Chief of Police— Bill Baker

The Terwilligar Sisters, Clara (c. 1820-1905) and Sarah (c. 1830-1869): Clairvoyants and séance conductors— Raissa Chernushenko, Cathy Partridge

Rev. Robert Thornton (1806-1875): Minister and early settler, namesake of Thornton Road— Glenn Rabjohn

Grace Allin (1817-1894): an average Victorian woman who lived in Oshawa— Laurie Scattergood

Edward Skae (1804 – 1848): General store proprietor, namesake of Skae’s Corners, town’s name before renamed to Oshawa— Al Nichols

Major Alfred Hind (1877-1930): 116th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Major, D Company— Earl Wotten

Thomas N Gibbs (1821-1883): Businessman, Oshawa’s first Mayor, Oshawa’s first Member of Parliament— Bryan Stanish

Adelaide McLaughlin (1875-1958): Philanthropist, wife of Col. RS McLaughlin—Heather Sessions

The Garrow Sisters, Leah (1888-1988) and Lillian (1892-1992): Sisters of William Garrow (1894-1916), World War I Soldier from Oshawa—Kaitlyn Coulter, Kathryn Fraser

Edwin Arnold (1902-1946): Corporal, Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps, World War II— Paul Dobbs

Victoria Donovan (1882-1930): World War I Nursing Sister— Sheri Pereira

Images from 2016’s Scenes from the Cemetery, courtesy of Denise Wilkins

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